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Through my engagement, wedding and now with two young children I know the importance of capturing all those precious memories and treasuring them for years to come. Photography is an investment in keeping those memories and passing them down through generations.

While traveling through Europe in 2000 I dug deeper into my passion for photography and took many photos of anything and everything that I felt would make a great shot. Over the years I captured and developed photos on a regular basis and in 2010 I started taking photos as a more serious hobby.


Over the past 5 years I have taken a number of classes developing my skills in lighting, staging, posing and so much more. I’ve discovered my passion is outdoor/natural light photography of any type but have opened up a studio for newborns and all sessions where we want to capture special moments in a warm and cozy setting.

I would love to capture those significant moments in your life and allow you to treasure them through photos for years to come.

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Anita Ashton



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