Mark Your Moments Photography’s Policies and Procedures

Please note that this will be sent to all clients to sign upon booking


During Covid Protocols –

As we are still in a bizarre time with COVID there are a few guidelines we/I will need to follow.

- We will only be booking sessions a least 24 hours apart

- We always sanitize our studio and props after each session. We will be sanitizing the studio

before and after each session obviously more thoroughly.

- I will be wearing a mask throughout your whole session.

- There is a sink in the studio so frequent hand washing will take place.

- You are encouraged to wear masks and gloves, however, if you are having photos captured,

please do so after I take them so there are no marks on your face and hands.

- Please remove your shoes at the front door to keep the studio clean. You can of course wear

shoes for your photoshoot if you wish but, please ensure that you bring the shoes with you and

they are clean. Also, just a note that I normally capture newborn family images from just below

the chest up so you most likely will not need shoes unless you would like full-body shots.

- Nobody else is permitted in the studio for the duration of the session except immediate family members.
- Please note that there is a $25 per person charge for additional guests. This is up to 4 extra guests and must be arranged prior to your session. These guests will only be captured at the start or the end of your session for about 10 mins. They are only permitted in the studio for this time frame and then must leave.

- By confirming this Waiver, I assume any risk, and take full responsibility and waive any

claims of personal injury and COVID-19 infection


Everyday Protocols –


Photography Session Bookings –

  • All sessions must be booked via our website due to e-mail confirmations, image delivery dates, client session organization, and tracking. Currently, we need to be safe with COVID restrictions which our online calendar allows us to do. We only allow a specific number of newborn sessions each month to accommodate all sessions and image delivery dates.  IMPORTANT - Sessions are not confirmed until they are booked via a deposit. You will receive an online confirmation e-mail within 24 hours of your session.


  • All our sessions are costed out based on business costs and payments for our services. Mark Your Moments photography does not negotiate or barter with our fees.


  • For clients booking newborn sessions –

When booking your session, please select your due date. As we have one day of sessions and one day of editing, we can fit you in regardless of your newborn’s arrival.

Location –


Studio sessions will be confirmed upon booking based on the location at the time of your session.

  • For outdoor sessions - Please be advised that Mark Your Moments Photography will always advise on the best outdoor shooting locations based on proper lighting, location, weather and safety of our clients. If a client insists on a specific location not selected by Mark Your Moments Photography, we reserve the right to decline based on safety, travel times, weather, improper lighting etc.


  • Please note that due to protecting our equipment, Mark Your Moments Photography will not capture clients in heavy rain. We will try to reschedule for the same day if possible, or a spot undercover for both the clients and photographer or another date.

  • Please note all outdoor sessions will be on the Vancouver North Shore unless otherwise arranged.


  • We do not refund clients based on Mother Nature.


Deposits and Final Payment –

  • Deposits are mandatory as we hold photography dates, time, and photographers. Deposits require a 50% non-refundable payment of the session fee. They are non-refundable but are transferable to another date, time or individual.


  • The final payment is due the day of your session. You will receive an invoice prior to your session. Payment can be made via e-transfer.


  • Please note that the payment can be paid via PayPal however, there is a 3% fee as per PayPal’s fee. 


  • Please note that no sneak peeks, images or gallery will be sent until full payment has been made.


  • We only take bookings with a deposit online other than the exceptions made by Mark Your Moments Photography.


Cancelations –

  • Deposits on cancelations made outside of 48 will be transferable to another date, time or individual. If a session is canceled within 48 hours, it is at the photographer’s discretion if the deposit will be transferable. Deposits will always be transferable if Mark Your Moments Photography can rebook your spot.


  • In a situation such as Covid-19, if we must shut down our business again, we will contact you once we are open to rebook your session when it safe to do so.

  • If the photography is


Lateness/Delays –

  • In many cases, Mark Your Moments Photography books back to back sessions. If you are going to be late for your session, please let us know prior to your session start time. While we will always do our best to accommodate your session length, we will not be late for our next client. The time you show up to your session will be cut into your photography time. For example, if you have a 30-minute shoot at 10am, and you show up at 10:15am, you will only have 15 mins left if your session. 


  • Mark Your Moments also reserves the right to leave your session location if clients have not arrived 15 minutes past their session start time.


Image Delivery and Editing –

  • A sneak peek (a couple of images from your session that align with our branding and have the best clarity, color etc), of your session will be posted on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or our Website. They may also be used for marketing purposes such as printer or online brochures. If you are not ok with your images being posted, please let us know prior to your session.


  • All images for selection will be sent in an online gallery within two weeks from the date of your photography session. Please note that this may be an exception during high photography periods such as Sept 1st – Dec 1st as it is our busiest period. Images delivery may also be delayed if photographer or editors become ill or unable to work. Please note both these cases are rare exceptions and you would be notified before the end of the two weeks. IMPORTANT - After completing your list and ensuring it is your final option, please e-mail to let me know you have completed your selection.


  • The selection images (unedited and watermarked images from your selection gallery)  are NOT for print, not for posting or sharing publicly. They will be watermarked until your image gallery has been final edited and sent to you. As per Canadian Copyright Act (Bill C-11, in force since November 2012), stealing images (through print screens, illegal downloads or an image captured on your phone/camera) that are unedited and watermarked is a copyright infringement and prohibited.


  • No unpurchased images captured by Mark Your Moments Photography shall be used for any use of images, marketing, etc without written consent from Mark Your Moments Photography and proper terms of payment. 


  • Mark Your Moments Photography edits images based on our professional experience and our branding. Please note galleries are only delivered in color unless specified. Your final edited images should be sent to you within a week except in a case such as the above.


  • IMPORTANT - Clients have two weeks to select their images otherwise Mark Your Moments Photography will pick your images for you. There will be a selection by date in the e-mail attached to your gallery. We will edit and send the number of images as per the package you have paid for. If you do not select your images in two weeks, we will select them for you based on our professional eye.


  • Images will be place on the editing list (please note that our timelines enable us to have ample time to get your selection and final edited images over to you). Therefore, we take down your gallery on the date provided and select your images for you.


  • Please note that we do not supply USB’s, CD’s etc. All galleries are sent through an online professional photography gallery. We do not use any other online delivery methods due to the possible case that images could be altered. If you do want a USB you can pay an additional fee. Mark Your Moments, however, will not be held responsible for images delivered on the USB.


  • IF you would like any other images, packages, or prints, the pricing list will be sent for you to view. Please note that there will be pricing at the bottom for prints that are an extra cost to have a physical print on top of whatever Package or Individual Photo you choose to purchase ( this is due to the fact that each image has to be properly edited prior to print).



  • Please note that if you need a face swap on two images there is a $25 fee per two images to be compilated together.


  • For those of you making additional purchases on your gallery, Mark Your Moments Photography will send you an invoice for your items as soon as you have made your selection and notify me that you are finished. As soon as payment is made (via e-transfer or PayPal) we will edit and send over your final images


  • No RAW or unedited images are ever given to the clients. We have the right to review and remove all images that are deemed not usable, not up to standard according to Mark Your Moments Photography standards, at the editor’s discretion.


  • Please note that we DO NOT hold on to images. Due to the cost of storage both on our external and online gallery drives, we give all clients a date that they must download their images by, and then they are deleted permanently. You do have the option to pay for image storage with us however, it must be approved in writing and paid for upfront for 6 months. Costs will vary based on your gallery size.


  • Once you have received your gallery you are required to download your images to your computer (and, we suggest onto a backup USB). Your gallery will shut down on the specified date. Please note that if you have not downloaded your images by the date posted, there is a $25 re-upload fee for our time.


  • Follow up on your images – If for any reason you would like different edits made on your gallery, you have one change allowance. Following the one edit as per your request, additional fees will apply for any additional edits.


Studio Policies -

  • No photography or videography is permitted during your session.

  • Clients will need to fill out a form ahead of time that will ask questions about colors, props, etc so we can prepare for your session.

  • The Studio is a calm and quiet place for the comfort of newborns and clients. It is best that toddlers are captured at the start of their session, and then leave with one parent or caretaker for the duration of the session. This is so your newborn will pose properly and not be startled. (more details about this will appear on the details after the booking).

  • No smoking is permitted in or around the studios

  • No pets are permitted in or around the studios

  • Please remove shoes prior to entering the studio.

  • Due to allergies, please avoid wearing perfume or cologne

  • We do not tolerate aggressive behavior towards our staff and reserve the right to ask clients to leave if client behavior is inappropriate and unacceptable.

  • No pictures will ever be captured if full payments have not been made.


By signing this contract, you agree to all the above terms –


The Photographer -


Name: Anita Ashton, Mark Your Moments Photography




The Client –





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